Elizabeth Kyle at her Rainbow Bay home with one of her unique “visionary” artworks.
Elizabeth Kyle at her Rainbow Bay home with one of her unique “visionary” artworks. Crystal Spencer

Our very own Queen Elizabeth

A SMALL apartment tucked away in Rainbow Bay has been turned into the medieval chamber of Queen Elizabeth Kyle.

Ms Kyle is an artist, and the golden velvet walls of the unit are covered by her wooden-framed paintings. Red velvet curtains further add to the mood.

The room also became an art studio for four months while Ms Kyle turned her standard Ford Laser into the “queen mobile”.

The car is unmistakeable as it drives around Coolangatta and the Tweed, and Ms Kyle loves to see people get a buzz from her work.

“It is fun and takes people away from their mundane world. They lighten up, it brings a lot of joy when people look at it,” she said.

“People are always crowded around when I come back from shopping. And at the traffic lights they are all like ‘thumbs up’.”

After panel-beaters put on a base coat, she painted each individual panel of her car with acrylic paint before it was sealed.

“It was great to see the vibrancy that the clear-coat afforded my paint-work,” she said.

“I didn’t know if it was possible to clear-coat over acrylic until I witnessed it. It was a revelation and tremendously exciting.”

Ms Kyle, who has lived on the Gold Coast for nine years, is a symbolist, and the car is covered in symbols.

The driver’s side is full of masculine symbols, while the passenger’s side boasts feminine symbols.

The two sides meet in the middle of the bonnet at a big self-portrait of Ms Kyle.

After finishing the paint job she realised the interior of the vehicle looked drab compared to the exterior, so she spent another month re-decorating.

She put on velvet seat covers with tassels and fringe, plus a painted ceiling with six medieval angels, paintings of Queen Elizabeth I and a chandelier.

Sadly, Ms Kyle has been disappointed to find the brightly coloured artwork has already attracted the keys of vandals.

She said she had retreated to the Rainbow Bay hide-away from a castle she rented at Tugun to write a new book.

There are already a number of books which detail her prolific artworks, but Ms Kyle has had visions for another.

She says she sees her artwork in visions, and often wakes up in the morning with plenty of new work to do.

In her early days, paintings were inspired by her homeland, New Zealand, the earth and Maori culture.

Since a near-death experience in 1983 she felt a connection to her Celtic roots and has focused more on a medieval theme.

Meanwhile, the keen ballroom dancer meets her dancing partner at Twin Towns on most nights of the week. A portrait she painted of the two of them dancing at the club was the people’s choice winner of the 2004 Twin Towns Exhibition.

Visit www.elizabethkyle.com.au.

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