Meet TweedCAN man

TWEED residents can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

That is the message climate action group TweedCAN is trying to spread throughout the shire.

Group president and “wildlife warrior” Eddie Roberts, of Uki, said every individual action would help.

“We all have to work together on this, every person on the whole planet,” he said. “As individuals I think Australians can make a huge difference because we can show other countries the way.”

Mr Roberts said there were hundreds of ways people could reduce their environmental impact.

“There's so many options out there: reduce energy, use green power, try to travel by car less, car-pool where possible or eat one less meat meal a week,” he said.

“We can all do things better. People have got to change their mind set, everything they do has to be questioned - can it be reduced, reused or recycled?”

Mr Roberts, a professional bush regenerator, has been working on his 100-acre property at Uki full-time for eight years.

“I've got the cattle off about 70 acres of it and that's going back to native forest,” he said. “I've also got 8000-odd trees planted for a plantation of hard wood.”

His home runs off solar hot water and electricity and “the electricity we buy is green power”.

Mr Roberts created TweedCAN (Climate Action Now) about two years ago.

“I felt there was a need for a group that had climate change as its focus because I think all other environmental issues come under climate.”

The next meeting will be held at 6.30pm this Thursday at the Imperial Hotel, Murwillumbah.

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