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Mel C won't return to Spice Girls for daughter

MEL C is adamant she won't reunite with the Spice Girls - not even for her daughter.

The 42-year-old pop star has revealed that seven-year-old Scarlet - her child with ex-boyfriend Thomas Starr - loves the group's many pop hits, which include 'Spice Up Your Life', '2 Become 1' and 'Say You'll Be There'.

Although Scarlet has never seen her perform with the other Spices and would love to, Mel is still sticking with her decision to not join Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Mel B for a concert and new music to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single 'Wannabe' and first album 'Spice'.

In an interview on 'This Morning', she said: "[Scarlet] does like my music, thank goodness! I'd say she's my harshest critic but she's my biggest fan. And she loves the Spice Girls."

When Ben asked if her daughter wanted her to return to the Spice Girls, Mel admitted: "It's a tricky one because ... I'd love for her to see me on stage with the girls, but no, she's been quite grown up about it really. She lives everything with me and I feel that she understands."

Mel - previously known as Sporty Spice - made the decision to refuse the reunion to focus on her solo album, just as fifth member Victoria Beckham declined to be involved because she needs to concentrate on her fashion label.

During the interview, host Holly Willoughby begged her: "Please do it on behalf of girls everywhere!"

To which Mel replied: "I know there are people that want to see it. But there were various reasons ... but the one thing that I couldn't get away from was that, we did reunite as a five piece [for the Olympics] and it was so incredible, and for me we are like a jigsaw puzzle and if there's a piece missing it's not complete. We're not a band of interchangeable parts. So for me, it didn't feel right."

Holly's co-host Ben Shepherd then suggested that if she did agree, then Victoria might also to complete the jigsaw, prompting Mel to exclaim with a laugh: "Yeah, that's not going to happen is it? I'm not saying no forever, but right now, it just didn't feel right."

Mel has just released her new solo album 'Version of Me' and will be heading out on tour in support of the LP.

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