Joe Palmero and Sue Pryor from Mennitti Seafood.
Joe Palmero and Sue Pryor from Mennitti Seafood.

Menniti's doors are open

MENNITI Seafood owner Joe Palermo has kept to his promise to bring his shop back “better and stronger”, after it bore the brunt of last month's vicious storm.

Mr Palermo was devastated to find his shop suffered $100,000 damage in the May 20 storm.

But in the aftermath he told the Tweed Daily News the shop would be back with a vengeance, and yesterday the smell of fresh paint was still in the air more than a week after the reopening.

Repairs took 10 days and Mr Palermo said it was an opportunity to get in and do some hard work at the shop.

“We are very happy with the way everything has come together at the shop, and the customers have come back,” Mr Palermo said.

“We obviously didn't expect it to take 10 days, but there was no way the work that needed to be done could be finished any sooner.”

“But it is just good to have it open again and we are seeing the customers come back in.”

Mr Palermo said the enforced closure was no holiday.

Staff got in and made sure the shop was looking like new for the reopening.

“Whatever needed to be redone, we redid.

“We've done well, the place looks great.”

“It was a lot of hard work, just finding stuff that we just don't get a chance to do normally.”

The Palermos will also open a second Menniti Seafood at Helensvale within two weeks.

“We got an opportunity in Helensvale and we took it,” Mr Palermo said.

“We will have another seafood shop up there, which is good.”

During the storm, gale-force winds and heavy rain tore balcony awnings, smashed holes in the roof, ripped apart air-conditioning motors and sent signs, wheelie bins and furniture flying.

Expensive display-fridge motors were also burnt out and had to be replaced.

A steel sign was even ripped off its frame and found across Minjungbal Drive in a car yard.

Mr Palermo said he had a huge range of fish in stock.

“You name it, we got it. We have got a lot of local fish like snapper, jewie, tailor; local stuff we have been able to get coming through.”

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