LOOKING FOR WORK: Michael Miles is on Newstart and looking for work.
LOOKING FOR WORK: Michael Miles is on Newstart and looking for work. Mike Knott BUN220719MIC2

Michael, 63, is jobless and faces an uncertain future

MICHAEL Miles is 63 years of age and has been unemployed for six years.

Five years ago he cashed in his superannuation to pay a portion of his mortgage and got by on his wife's income.

As Mr Mile's wife's income was over threshold, he was not eligible for any welfare payments.

Three months ago, Mr Miles and his wife separated.

He's got no job and no income.

Despite having his property listed on the market, Mr Miles has been waiting over two and a half months for his Newstart application to be finalised.

He says he's stuck in limbo.

He said he had been with a disability support employment agency for two years, unable to find a job he is suited for while simultaneously not qualifying for disability payments because he is still classified as being able to work.

During those two years, Mr Miles has been employed once working temporarily at a kitchen in Mount Perry, but couldn't hold down the job due to medical issues.

Mr Miles said he had medically diagnosed spinal issues, torn tendons, and arthritis in much of his lower body. His pharmaceutical bill each month is about $160.

He is looking for that Goldilocks job that doesn't require too much standing or sitting and without repetitive bending or lifting.

Even if he does find the perfect job for him, Mr Miles said employers easily get scared off when they learn about his existing medical conditions for fear that he will make a workers' compensation claim.

Mr Miles said he was fortunate to have as much as he did, but now had to look elsewhere for a place to live as he approached older age.

With his physical ailments, Mr Miles said unless he can find a generous and patient employer, he didn't have much of a chance to find work.

"My chances of finding employment, based on past experience, are slim," Mr Miles said.

Addressing the federal government's politicians, Mr Miles doubted his ability to survive on Newstart when it finally arrived.

"So (Treasurer Josh Frydenberg), I hope you are feeling safe and secure in your Canberra bubble, surrounded by your minions looking to your needs. Because I am feeling anything but safe and secure with Newstart to survive on," he said.

Not wishing to blame Centrelink for the delay in receiving his Newstart payments, Mr Miles instead said there was a "soullessness from the bureaucracy" in Canberra.

"I really don't understand the position the Morrison government has to people on welfare," he said.

Due to a three-year wait until he qualifies for the pension, Mr Miles said he hoped his Newstart payment would be approved within a few weeks.

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