Carly Hicks of Banora Point whips up a healthy meal.
Carly Hicks of Banora Point whips up a healthy meal. SCOTT POWICK

Milk and bread almost killed me

IT TOOK three years for Banora Point woman Carly Hicks to drastically turn her life around, from struggling and sick, to the healthy 28-year-old she is today.

The aspiring You Tube food blogger and owner of My Holistic Life website is adamant the secret to her health was cutting out the milk and bread.

Ms Hicks was diagnosed in 2012, with two autoimmune diseases including autoimmune metaplastic atrophic gastritis and endometriosis, which saw her in a fight for her life.

"I had lost control all control of my body," she said.

"I had chronic fatigue syndrome to the point where I could hardly lift myself from the bed or the bathroom.

"I had paralysis to the right side of my body, light sensitivity, short-term memory loss, and I had severe anxiety and depression, and burning from the inside of my stomach to the outside of my body."

Ms Hicks' dietician suggested she went on a low salicylate diet, consisting of nothing but chicken drumsticks, white rice and beans.

"Because my body was so damaged I was reacting to the natural chemicals in food," she said.

"I was just so desperate I would give anything a go.

"I was only able to live off those four food distinct foods for 12-months."

After the most traumatic period of her illness, Ms Hicks worked with her naturopath to then develop a gluten, dairy and grain-free diet.

"If I was to continue eating it, it would trigger my autoimmune disease condition, and I could have died," she said.

Ms Hicks is now studying naturopathy at Endeavour College on the Gold Coast.

"I'm happy to say I have halted my autoimmune disease through natural remedies, healthy eating and a lot of self love and self care," she said.

"I'm 100% symptom free from my condition and to be honest I'm the healthiest I've felt."

Ms Hicks' website offers dairy-free recipes and shares her personal journey to regaining health and passion for life.

"My website has allowed me to connect with readers all over the world struggling with health issues themselves and battling with food intolerances and not knowing where to begin," she said.

Her recipes are for those with food intolerances and have been featured in Food Matters, Yum Gluten Free Magazine, Healthy Mama Magazine, and Bioglan's Hardcopy Cookbook in 2014.

Ms Hicks' will also be hosting gluten and dairy free cooking classes in the future.

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