Councillor Katie Milne.
Councillor Katie Milne. Tweed Daily News

Milne preferred mayor: poll

IF the people of Tweed had their way, controversial councillor Katie Milne would be mayor, according to an online poll.

Conducted by the Tweed Daily News this week, the poll showed the Greens Party member as the preferred choice for the top job with an overwhelming 32 per cent preference over fellow councillors.

Yet despite her apparent popularity, Cr Milne was voted second-worst-performing councillor.

More than 800 votes were cast in three online polls, which also revealed Cr Milne as the electorate's best-performing councillor, and former mayor Joan van Lieshout as the worst-performing councillor.

Cr van Lieshout said she could not believe the results of the poll.

“That is so sad to think that I've worked so hard for this community and that's the result,” she said.

“I have given every inch of myself to my work, so I'm very disappointed if that's the result.”

Cr van Lieshout said she believed the results of the poll were inaccurate.

“I've heard through people in town and through email that there are those who are supportive of me,” she said

“I have believed in myself and the future of this shire and I will continue to do the same as I have been doing.”

Current mayor Cr Warren Polglase scored 17 per cent as preferred mayor, 19 per cent as worst-performing councillor and 13 per cent as best-performing councillor.

“I just take it with a pinch of salt,” Cr Polglase said yesterday.

“There are 58,000 voters in the shire. Only 800 votes online do not say very much. It is not 100 per cent accurate.

“I'm not complaining though, it's good fun.”

Cr Barry Longland received 26 per cent of the online poll for preferred mayor, second only to Cr Milne.

He also received 18 per cent for best-performing councillor, second again to Cr Milne and only received 2 per cent of the vote in worst-performing councillor.

“I'm somewhat flattered; my approach to be a councillor this past year has not been to chase popularity, it has been about informing myself as much as I could about decisions I had to make,” Cr Longland said.

“If people think it has been an effective way to go then I'm happy about it.”

Cr Milne did not return calls placed by the Tweed Daily News yesterday.

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Best performing

Katie Milne 43 per cent

Barry Longland 18 per cent

Warren Polglase 13 per cent

Joan van Lieshout 12 per cent

 Dot Holdom 11 per cent

Kevin Skinner 2 per cent

Phil Youngblutt 1 per cent    

Worst performing

Joan van Lieshout 32 per cent

Katie Milne 23 per cent

Warren Polglase 19 per cent

Phil Youngblutt 19 per cent

Dot Holdom 4 per cent

Barry Longland 2 per cent

Kevin Skinner 1 per cent    

Preferred mayor

Katie Milne 32 per cent

Barry Longland 26 per cent

Warren Polglase 17 per cent

Joan van Lieshout 13 per cent

Dot Holdom 7 per cent

Kevin Skinner 4 per cent

Phil Youngblutt 1 per cent

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