Art by Mindygirl.
Art by Mindygirl.

Mindygirl makes mark with art

CABARITA artist "Mindygirl" will feature at Saturday's Carnivale at Cabarita Beach.

Following a highly successful exhibition in Brisbane "The Object of My Affection," she will show some of her latest works.

Mindygirl makes her paintings from recycled material.

Two pieces sold on the opening night of her Brisbane exhibition and another before the doors opened.

"I was at the gallery with a couple of close friends setting up the last few elements of the show, opening crackers and dip," the artist said..

"A couple came and knocked on the door asking if they could come in for a quick look.

"I was still putting the last of the price tags up when the lady excitedly said 'I want this one' and asked how much I wanted for it.

"She handed me the money then said she and her husband were going to a play but that they didn't want to miss out on getting a Mindygirl piece like they had five years ago at CBD Galleries.

"I went on to sell two more on the opening night and another in the coming weeks.

"I will be displaying the remaining artworks at the upcoming Caba Creative Carnivale.

"I will also be launching my newest creations which are organic, vegan and gluten free treats.

"Spring in ya Step" is an energy ball with all organic activated cashews, macadamias and almonds, medjool dates, apricots and more," Mindygirl said.

"She's Apples" are organic raw vegan cookies which contain apple, figs, activated pecans and cinnamon.

"I will also be facilitating a communal art piece on the day where any creative types are invited to come along and make their mark by adding a splash of colour."

The Caba Creative Carnivale kicks off this Saturday at Cabarita Beach between the hotel and the surf club from 3pm.

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