The Trapster site indicates speed trap locations.
The Trapster site indicates speed trap locations.

Mobile speed trap dob

A POPULAR website and mobile phone application is giving away the locations of speed cameras on the Tweed.

Trapster, among the top 50 most-popular downloaded iPhone applications, is offering subscribers up-to-date information on where and when Tweed police are likely to be situated in the shire.

According to the program, police are often spotted on the Tugun bypass, on the Coast Road near Bogangar and further down the road near Cudgera Creek, among other locations.

It also sent out an alert over the weekend to a possible mobile speed camera on the Pacific Highway at Chinderah which expired after 24 hours.

The website encourages contributors to report the locations of police speed cameras, either fixed or mobile.

They are then voted upon by other subscribers as to the validity of the initial contributor.

New South Wales police traffic services commander and assistant commissioner John Hartley said the website and phone application is nothing new.

“Over the years police have become aware of a number of schemes similar to this,” Mr Hartley said.

“There are already a number of GPS navigators which display fixed speed camera sites.”

Mr Hartley said NSW Police would not seek to shut the website down.

“Police Speed Enforcement programs are predicated on the ability to be mobile and in most circumstances operations are limited to less than one hour in any location,” he said.

“Having sites published does not account for covert and other activities undertaken by police.”

Mr Hartley said he said there was not enough information to prove if websites such as Trapster displaying the possible locations of speeding cameras could deter speeding altogether.

“We just don’t know enough at this stage,” he said.

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