Mother dobbed in son on the run

AN 18-year-old Stokers Siding man was “dragged by the ear” to the police station by his mother after he escaped from arrest, the Murwillumbah Local Court heard yesterday.

Jackson Roger Green was driving while suspended on December 6 when he evaded police.

He drove from the Commercial Road boat ramp to a nearby cane field where he parked his van and ran in to the cane with a passenger, making a short-lived getaway.

Another passenger in the van didn't run and told police who the driver was.

Green, who has turned 19 since the offence, pleaded guilty to suspended driving at court yesterday and was fined $500, with $73 in court costs and a 12-month driving disqualification.

Solicitor John Weller told the court Green was from a respected local family. He said when police told Green's mother what happened she effectively dragged him by the ear to the station.

According to police, Green panicked at the time but was later remorseful and regretted his actions.

Police were called to the boat ramp at 9.48am because it was reported that two vehicles were making a disturbance, one of which was a blue van.

The officers arrived at the entrance to the boat ramp and were confronted by the blue van trying to exit from the wrong direction.

Police saw Green driving and stopped in the middle of the driveway to block his path, but he drove on the grass and went around them.

He drove north on Commercial Road and along Elizabeth Street before going to the cricket field car park. He ignored police directions to stop.

Green parked the van and he and a passenger jumped out and ran in to a nearby cane field, but the second passenger stayed in the van.

One officer chased Green and his friend while the other questioned the passenger who remained.

Police lost Green and his friend, but the other passenger identified them and police later attended Green's address where they told his mother what happened and she promised to bring her son to the police station.

Magistrate Robyn Denes said it was concerning Green had been suspended for a significant speeding matter while he was on his provisional licence. “The only thing I can say about that is that it is disturbing to say the least,” Ms Denes said.

She said Green clearly didn't understand the danger of cars and warned him that continued offending on the road could land him in jail.

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