Organic (and orgasmic) birth trend

NICKY Young is among a growing number of mums-to-be who are taking an organic approach to their pregnancy.

They are embracing cloth nappies, eco-friendly nurseries, chemical-free products and aim to experience a sensual rather than clinical birth.

If that means experiencing an orgasm when baby arrives, then that is an added bonus.

Nicky and her husband Adam were inspired to take an organic approach because they run sustainable construction business Wagtail Homes.

“I am sad to say that I have grown up as part of the throw-away society,” Nicky said.

“These days I am learning how to be green and provide an eco environment for our bub.

“None of my close friends has children, so I am reading books and getting empowering advice from Adam's cousin, who is a doula (person experienced in childbirth).”

Nicky, who is due in May, said all the products in their Spoonbill Street, Peregian Beach nursery were as natural as possible.

“Adam made sure there was no formaldehyde used in construction or volatile organic compounds in the paint,” she said.

“The tallow-wood floorboards won't harbour dust-mites and chemicals that carpets can.”

Nicky said most of the furniture was second-hand, borrowed or revamped.

“The cot is hand made by a friend of ours. He has lent us it until his kids need it,” she said.

“The baby hammock is second hand off eBay.

“The patterned fabric over the cot is a handmade Vietnamese baby carrier that I bought in a Red Hmong village when I was on a volunteer program for the Fred Hollows Foundation.”

Nicky said the concept of an orgasmic birth was not new.

“It is all about releasing your fears about pain, thinking positive and meditation,” she said.

“Birth is a sensual thing but a lot of the time all you see in media is the screaming.

“But I am not putting any pressure on myself for a perfect birth and neither should other mums.

“I am going into hospital with an open mind to whatever happens.” 

Doula Belinda Kelly-Mandalis said childbirth should be a pleasurable experience, especially if a woman felt completely safe, relaxed, confident and trusting in her body.

“Pregnancy is not a medical condition and women are realising they have a choice when it comes to antenatal and postnatal matters,” she said.

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