Troy Knight at the Motorcycling Queensland camp.
Troy Knight at the Motorcycling Queensland camp. Blainey Woodham

Motorcyclists get on boards

MOTORCYCLING Queensland riders swapped their bikes for stand up paddle-boards on Currumbin Creek on Wednesday.

Assistant head coach Chris Urquhart said the under-21s elite camp invited both 'first timers and return riders' to train in areas complimentary to professional motorcycling.

"We used to just do one week of return riders," Mr Urquhart said.

"But we thought by doing them all together first timers would see the effort the (return riders)  are putting in and it would bring the levels up."

Troy Knight from Currumbin was there as a returned rider and had hopes to become a professional.

That is, after he gets over injuries which have plagued him since competitions earlier this year.

"I've had broken legs, broken arms and just little injuries since then," Mr Knight said.

"That was at the start of the year, and hopefully by the end of it I'll get better and progress."

He said nutrition, fitness and training lectures at the University of Queensland during the camp were helping him regain fitness.

"Plus it's good times.

"I've been riding for about nine years, since I was seven years old.

"My coaches Dan McKenzie and Chris are my role models - the ones that inspire me to get to the next level."

Mr Urquhart said the elite camp was in its ninth year and its focus was teaching that riding motorbikes was important, though in order to become professional there was 'a lot more to it'.

"Things like psychology, injury management, travel planning, time management, nutrition and how to train properly off the motorbike are all crucial.

"We've also had industry people give them lectures on sponsorship, and how to get the most out of it.

"Motor biking is such a high impact sport, so it's good to sometimes give the body a little bit of a rest.

"Also if you're injured there's other more gentle ways to train."

The camp based at UQ's St Lucia campus spent time on the coast in order to use beaches 'Brisbane can't really offer' for training, the assistant head coach said.

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