Motorist blows six times over limit

A HERVEY Bay mum has recorded a roadside breath test reading of .307, fined $1750 and banned from driving for 15 months.

Pieta Clare Phillips, 30, was treated by ambulance officers after crashing her car at the intersection of Oleander Avenue and Trisha Court, Kawungan, on August 7.

Paramedics called police to advise them Phillips was highly intoxicated.

A roadside breath test showed her breath alcohol reading to be .307 but Phillips refused to provide a further breath specimen at the breath analysis section of the Hervey Bay police station.

Prosecutor Sergeant Kathryn Stagoll told the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court that Phillips had been extremely unco-operative and argumentative with police officers.

The Hervey Bay mum previously had a clear traffic history.

Defence lawyer Ian Pilgrim said Phillips was deeply remorseful and ashamed of her behaviour and realised she had a serious drinking problem.

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