Messages of support for motorist hit with fish - kinda

UPDATE 9.30pm: FACEBOOK is bream full of puns as users of the social media site snapper up the tailor of the man hit in the head with a fish while driving at Ballina.

Visitors to the Northern Star's Facebook page have launched into an awesome punning frenzy as they contemplate the unlikely incident at the intersection of River and Kerr streets yesterday, when a fish unexpectedly flew through a car window, hitting the driver in the head.

Here are the offerings posted to Facebook so far:

  • Brian Mullens: Sounds fishy lol
  • Michele Nichols: The suspect is currently being "grilled"
  • Darren Flanagan: Does that mean he had a 'mullet'?
  • Alyssa Taylor: I highly trout the suspect will get caught!
  • Josh Mckenzie: you never know , the suspect may flounder and get caught
  • Alyssa Taylor: i think the suspect may have taken the oppor-tuna-ty to slip away.
  • Josh Mckenzie: i hope the driver didn't end up with a flathead
  • Alyssa Taylor: oh my cod josh, these puns are terrible.
  • Josh Mckenzie: holy mackerel you are right alyssa tailor
  • Alyssa Taylor: it just goes to show, you don't have to be a brain sturgeon to come up with a fish pun.
  • Will Harris: Did it hit the bream of his hat?
  • Will Harris: Alyssa and Josh, your krilling it with the fish puns
  • Alyssa Taylor: if you come up with any other good ones, let minnow...
  • Judith Bruton: The poor driver was in the wrong 'plaice' at the wrong time.  I trust his 'leather jacket' wasn't ruined. 
  • Will Harris: Don't be koi people try some fish puns
  • Will Harris: I feel like I'm carping on about this

Got any puns of your own you want to get off your chest? Head on over to The Northern Star Facebook page and share them with us.

11.15am: A MOTORIST driving through Ballina has had the shock of his life after being unexpectedly hit in the head with a fish, police from the Richmond Local Area Command have reported.

Posting on their Facebook page, police have said the motorist was at the lights at the intersection of River and Kerr streets yesterday when a fish flew through the window of his car, hitting him in the head.

Police said they believed the fish had been thrown from a passing car.

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