MANY people are hard-pressed pushing their lawnmower around their yard.

To push it to countless towns between Tweed Heads and Sydney would be unthinkable.

But for "mower man" Claude Harvey, it's just the latest adventure in a 10-year string of fundraising efforts for Bravehearts.

Mr Harvey left Point Danger last Tuesday morning, ready for 103 days of mower-pushing.

His fundraising began with an incident which hit close to home.

"Two little kids I knew, they were three and four, were assaulted by a 16-year-old next door," Mr Harvey said.

"Those little girls were close to my heart."

Now a grandfather to six, Mr Harvey said he had no plans of slowing down on the fundraising efforts.

"Then, I said to my family, I want to raise $1 million for these girls," he said.

On this trip, he hopes to hit that milestone.

"People are really generous," he said.

One day, Mr Harvey was fundraising in Burleigh Heads when a "bikie" really surprised him.

"I walked up to this guy, but I was too scared to ask for money," he said.

"He was a big guy, standing next to his motorbike.

"I walked past him, but then turned around and told him what I do.

"He grabbed me by the arm and I thought he was going to sock me one, but he told me to wait until he came back.

"When he came back, he said he'd been through that, and wanted to give me everything he could.

"He gave me $1379.50."

His walking lawnmower has had the motor removed, but Mr Harvey said he was still mowing lawns professionally.

He will drive between the major towns, but Mr Harvey will walk through communities every day until he reaches Sydney.

"I never take a day off," he said.

Mr Harvey, now 70, he said Bravehearts was surprised when he first approached them to raise funds in this way.

"I think they thought I was crazy," he said.

He said a good music selection helped to keep him going, with Katy Perry's Firework a favourite.

All the funds raised by Mr Harvey go towards Bravehearts' Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure Show.

The program, aimed at kids aged three to eight, has so far reached 400,000 children around Australia.

Mr Harvey was set to walk around Pottsville on Tuesday, before heading to Brunswick Heads. 

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