Waste management chief Adam Faulkner.
Waste management chief Adam Faulkner. Crystal Spencer

Multi-bin system proving popular

TWEED residents have taken to using the new multi-bin garbage collection system with very few problems, according to Tweed Shire Council.

The council yesterday celebrated three months of the new system which replaced the old split bins with red-lidded bins for general garbage and yellow-lidded ones for recyclables by declaring residents had done well in accepting the change.

In addition a still-to-be-released number of households chose optional green-lidded bins for organic waste.

A council spokeswoman yesterday said the “first results” since the bin changeover indicated recycling rates were up, contamination of recyclables was down and more people were using the optional green organics service.

She said nearly 80,000 new bins were rolled out during a six-week period late last year to 34,000 properties across the shire.

“Around 35,000 old divided bins were collected, destined for chipping to be recycled into new bins,” the spokeswoman said.

Through its contractor Solo Waste the council claims to have collected 2845 tonnes of recyclables from residents’ households over the first three months.

That compared to a little over 2000 tonnes for the same three months last year with the old split-bin system.

“Contamination has reduced in recyclables, with less waste and rejected items coming from the recycling plant,” the spokeswoman said.

“The amount of green organics bins continues to increase, with the amount of green waste being diverted from landfill increasing by more than 50 tonnes for the first three months of the multi-bin system.”

Council’s waste management co-ordinator Adam Faulkner said he wanted to thank Tweed residents for their “patience and understanding duringthe roll-out of the new bin system”.

“Council waste management staff experienced up to 400 calls each day during the height of the roll-out,” Mr Faulkner said.

“We received an unprecedented amount of calls over issues with delivery of the new bins or the old bins being taken away.

“We appreciate the information provided by residents which allowed us to better oversee the roll-out.

“It is truly rewarding to see recycling rates up by some 800 tonnes, while the amount of contamination in the recycling bins has reduced.”

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