Mum blasts Tweed councillors

A MURWILLUMBAH mum has blasted Tweed Shire councillors over their threats to clear the council public gallery if protesters misbehave.

Lisa Townsend, who spearheaded a campaign for fencing of a playground in Murwillumbah’s Knox park, told councillors not to be “lily-livered” and asked why they could not simply single out the troublemakers as pub bouncers do.

Speaking at Tuesday evening’s community access session, Mrs Townsend told councillors if they “are so lily-livered that you cannot stand up for what you believe in, even in front of a hostile crowd” they have “no business being a councillor”.

“To threaten to throw out the whole gallery because of a handful of people is profoundly undemocratic.”

“In every town and village in the shire, there is at least one pub with a bouncer that knows how to get rid of the bad apple, without closing down the whole pub in the process.”

Mrs Townsend said some members of the council were going “too far in their quest to stop any input from the more colourful and creative members of our community”.

“Mayor Warren Polglase said the council could only expel a particular person by resolution of the council.

“Council would have to stop the meeting to resolve to expel the person by name. That’s in the Local government Act,” he said.

Mrs Townsend replied: “That’s what you should do.”

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