Mum denies seeing son with knife before stabbing

LIDIJA Martic has denied spotting her son armed with a knife moments before he is alleged to have stabbed and killed his stepfather in their Goodna home.

Ms Martic has told the Supreme Court her son, Zarko Ilic, was upset on September 29, 2009, after learning his disliked stepfather had hurt his grandmother.

Mr Ilic travelled to the doctor with his grandmother, who had been bleeding internally after her run-in with Ivan Martic.

Ms Martic told the jury hearing the murder charge against Mr Ilic that when Mr Ilic asked her whether the assault on his grandmother was true, she replied that Mr Martic had been drunk.

But by that stage, Mr Ilic was "so upset and furious", she said.

The court heard on Friday Mr Martic and Mr Ilic were yelling at each other before Mr Ilic allegedly swung his arm at Mr Martic.

Ms Martic told the court her husband then fell on the floor.

"I was all the time screaming and I think I kept my eyes closed," she said.

The court heard Mr Ilic pushed his mother out of the main bedroom and closed the door with him and Mr Martic inside.

Ms Martic said when she went downstairs, Mr Ilic went into the kitchen, had two knives and threatened to kill himself.

Mr Ilic left the house and Ms Martic saw her husband in the bedroom on his back with his hands together over his body.

Defence barrister Dennis Lynch asked the mother of four whether she saw Mr Ilic with a knife when he was in the bedroom or a knife plunged into her late husband.

Ms Martic replied no.

She confirmed she only learned her husband had a knife in his back when police arrived and turned him on his side.

Mr Ilic has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial continues.

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