Christel Edwards with little Lincoln Archie Tariq Edwards, born Saturday evening in the family’s bathub.
Christel Edwards with little Lincoln Archie Tariq Edwards, born Saturday evening in the family’s bathub. Craig Warhurst

Mum of four delivers baby in bathtub

GYMPIE mother Christel Edwards thought she knew what to expect with the delivery of her fourth child.

And at no stage did a bathtub figure in the equation last Saturday.

The expecting mother woke up that morning and knew her long-awaited day had arrived.

Christel and her husband Sean went to the Gympie Hospital around midday and was monitored as contractions had begun.

The contractions were erratic and at one point, five minutes apart.

Hospital tests showed the baby's heart rate was elevated and advice was for an emergency C-section had heart rate not settled.

"This was a real fright to start with," Krysal said.

"I had to sit down stay still for the monitor and thankfully everything settled down."

Shortly later, the contractions became increasingly less frequent and lessened in intensity.

The Gympie mother was given the option of staying in hospital and waiting or going home.

Boredom dictated Christel's decision to return home.

"I wasn't dilated so I thought I would return home," she said.

The mother's contractions were 15 minutes apart at this stage and she was napping in between.

Christel was using a smartphone app to keep track of her contractions when she started to get a sore back and decided to return hospital.

No sooner had she stood up and the contraction intensified and returned to five minute intervals.

"It was sudden from there on," Christel said. "Five minutes, four, back to five, then three, two and one."

Christel stirred a sleeping Sean to sound the alarm as she noticed she was dilated.

As Sean turned over the car ready to rush his wife to hospital, Christel only made it to the front door before her waters broke over the doormat.

"I could feel the baby's head hit my hand," she said.

Sean fumbled without his glasses to dial 000 for an ambulance while Christel rushed inside and headed for the bathtub.

While Sean was patched through on the phone and the ambulance despatched, the baby was delivered in the bathtub.

"I was freaking out a bit but I had done it before and just had a moment of calm when the head was out and I could check to make sure the cord was not around the baby's neck," Christel said.

As the moment of anxiety passed and Christel knew the baby was safe, she succumbed to a fit of the giggles.

"I just stopped holding by breath and felt a lot better," she said.

The baby, a little boy named Lincoln Archie Tariq Edwards, was born at 8:50pm weighing 3245grams - Christel's second smallest.

Lincoln's initials spell 'late', which is a fitting little tribute to her son's adventurous arrival.

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