Mum Lisa Limond with partner Tony Morgan, holds a letter by her son Reece expressing his frustration at being constantly bullied at school.
Mum Lisa Limond with partner Tony Morgan, holds a letter by her son Reece expressing his frustration at being constantly bullied at school. Crystal Spencer

Mum fears for her bullied son

A BANORA Point mother fears her son may take his own life following constant schoolyard bullying.

While some parents fret about their children not attending school, Lisa Limond fears for her son, 15, while he is there.

Since moving to the area late last year, Reece has been increasingly bullied and is now taunted daily and bashed weekly.

“It’s just getting worse and worse,” Miss Limond said. “Every day I have to drop my son at that school and I just worry, all day. I am sick to the stomach every day.”

In the most severe incident, Reece, who suffers epilepsy, was attacked from behind during a class.

“He was knocked unconscious and had an epileptic fit and was taken to hospital via ambulance on a spinal board and in a neck brace. He still gets harassed, intimidated, and physically assaulted,” Miss Limond said.

A Department of Education and Training (DET) spokesman said the student responsible received a “long suspension”.

However, Miss Limond said it was only three days.

Another time, Reece broke his hand after jumping down stairs to escape an attacker.

“Reece isn’t a fighter, but he’ll try to defend himself,” Miss Limond said.

“As far as I know he’s done nothing wrong.”

The DET spokesman said Reece “has been involved in a small number of incidents this year, and immediate action has been taken in every case.

“This has included support, counselling and/or disciplinary action with any students involved, including disciplinary action with the student referred to in one case.”

Reece’s epilepsy has become another source of torment, Miss Limond said.

“They laugh and say ‘you were dropped and fitted’. If he gets stressed out he can have a pseudo-seizure.”

From a happy teenager who enjoyed school just seven months ago, Reece has completely changed.

“He wanted to accomplish year 12 and now I have to force him to go to school. He’s just lost confidence,” Ms Limond said.

A disturbing letter written by Reece repeats: “If there’s no point in life why do I bother to live it.”

Following one unprovoked attack, Miss Limond said the school asked Reece to stay home for a three-day “cooling-off” period.

“The teachers told us ‘I can’t guarantee your child’s safety’.”

The DET spokesman said: “Tweed River High School has zero tolerance of any harassment or bullying.”

This was a line Miss Limond found laughable.

“They don’t follow their policy at all,” she said.

“Reece doesn’t feel he has a safety net at school.

“They have failed him for almost seven months now.”

Miss Limond has tried to relocate Reece and her other son, 14, to another school but was told they lived out-of-zone by just one street.

The DET spokesman said: “Out-of-zone enrolment applications generally depend on the availability of out-of-zone places at the schools applied to.”

Following visits to the police she is now working with the Department of Community Services.

Help at hand

The Kids Helpline 1800 551 800.

Lifeline 13 11 14.

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