Pete Murray.
Pete Murray. Contributed

Pete Murray on road to mark album milestone

PETE Murray is touring his new 10-year anniversary edition of his first album, Feeler, and is due to arrive in Tweed in February.

He will play in Tweed at Twin Towns on February 21, a venue he enjoys playing.

"Yeah I have played there more than a couple of times I think, it is a good venue," Murray said.

Many of Murray's shows have already sold out around the country.

The re-mastered version of his 2004 album has a bonus disc with it and was re-mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios, somewhere he wants to visit.

"I was busy doing some other stuff when they did the re-master and wish I could have gone over there.

"It is amazing how Abbey Road always brings something magic to an album."

The original Stonemasons line-up, Murray's original backing band, is back for the tour and he has been enjoying rehearsals.

"Getting back with the band has been awesome because I have not played with the entire original line-up since 2004."

Several tracks on the re-release have the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra playing alongside Murray, who got the idea after talking to another famous musician.

"I was chatting with Sarah Blasko and her family is from over there so she suggested it could be cool and it ended up working really well."

A string section will accompany him at the larger shows. Fans can check out

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