Noosa musician Jeff Leonard.
Noosa musician Jeff Leonard. Amber Macpherson

Musician's search to reunite with mourning boy

JEFF Leonard is a musician on a mission.

The Noosa local is hoping to reconnect with a father and son he met by chance in a hotel in Darwin in September 2015, who became the inspiration behind his song White Feathers.

Mr Leonard recently shared the song to Facebook, in an attempt to keep the promise he'd made the son that he would write a song about his mother who had passed away.

"I was writing a song, sitting by the pool, playing my guitar," Mr Leonard said.

"A man started calling out to me, asking where I was from, what brings me to Darwin, being friendly.

"It turns out his wife had passed away six months ago, and they had this family trip planned.

"He said he and his son decided they would still go on this trip together."

The father, who Mr Leonard believes was called Craig Cotton, then introduced him to his son, called Angus.

Angus began talking to Mr Leonard about his mum, and then said something that could only be described as fate.

"Angus said 'that's when the white feathers appeared'," Mr Leonard said.

"In my own family, when we're going through tough times, or we're at a crossroads, a white feather will appear out of nowhere, and to us, it means that everything will be all right.

"So when Angus said 'white feathers appeared', while he was talking about his mum passing away, I went, 'what the...', I couldn't believe it. How incredible."

Inspired by the serendipity of the situation, and feeling such empathy for the father and son, Mr Leonard promised Angus he would write a song for him about his mum.

When they parted ways a couple of days later, Mr Leonard thought his partner at the time had gathered contact details from Craig and Angus, but she hadn't.

At the request of Mr Leonard, a hotel assistant left a message on a phone number linked to Craig, but Mr Leonard never heard back.

As months went by, Mr Leonard decided it was time to find Angus and Craig to share the special song with them.

Mr Leonard said all he knew was Craig and his son Angus lived in Melbourne at the time, and Angus was about 10 years old in 2015, so he would be about 12 now.

"I've even tried using an investigative television journalist, who sent me a photo and a number of a Craig Cotton, but it wasn't him," Mr Leonard said.

"As Christmas was nearing (this year), I had this really heavy heart. I really wanted to find Angus.

"Maybe they don't want to hear the song, maybe I shouldn't have uploaded it, who knows.

"The specialness with Angus and how much he wanted me to write this song outweighs everything. It really is special."

Jeff can be contacted via Facebook by searching 'Jeff Leonard'. He will perform at Noosa Bay Village on January 20 and 30, and the Wine Bar at the Tewantin Marina on January 27.

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