Chloe and Kelly present their
Chloe and Kelly present their "mediocre" trio of cheese. JK D'Arcy

We're not all 'special' - we're average with highlights

LET'S be honest ... most of us are average, not special. It's probably time to deal with that.

We are the majority, the truly "special" are the elite.

For upcoming generations, who have been brought up from day dot hearing they're the most incredible product that's ever walked the earth, that's probably hard news to hear, but it's okay, there's no need to fear it.

If you've watched "reality" TV for more than a few minutes, you'd be accustomed to words such as "awesome" and "special" as descriptors of fairly average people.

Now I'm not suggesting that ordinary people don't have "special" moments - they do, but that's all they are.

My Kitchen Rules last night was an outstanding example of how this has got out of hand.

Two fine young ladies, who have travelled the world, and logically have therefore unlocked the secrets of the universe, made a mess of their big moment - but you'd never have known it to listen to them.

Their names, I believe, are Chloe and Kelly. Their most obvious talent is unparalleled over-confidence.

As the walls fell about their store-bought bread and pastry, they said something along the lines of "we can't lose - we're awesome".

It's this kind of limited thinking that could destroy Australia.

What about, damn, we might lose - perhaps we're not awesome?

See that's what we're lacking .. the ability to stop, reflect and change.

Instead we tap into life memes that tell us "you're special" or "just be you". Actually, in some cases, we'd prefer you to change. Especially if you're a serial killer.

I'll put myself out there. I'm happily average. I am not ashamed of that, although it does hurt when online comments suggest I'm considerably less.

Like most people, I am good at some things and bad at others. In some areas I slip into slightly above average, in many way below.

On brief occasions I might even be "special" - just like everyone else. I doubt that "awesome" is ever appropriate - and if it were, I hope it would come from someone other than me.

To automatically assume that everything we do is awesome is to set ourselves up for lasting pain and failure.

There are moments in life when catch cries are not enough. We have to sometimes, stop, think, evaluate, and change direction.

It's when we assume that our every action is infallible that we stop growing.

Does reflection hurt? You bet. But let's take a cup of cement and harden up.

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