Tweed Heads Local Court
Tweed Heads Local Court Michael Doyle

NAMED: +40 people to appear in Tweed court today

EACH day a number of people appear at Tweed Heads Local Court, on a range of different charges.

Here is everyone listed for court today:

  • Adam Jon Coles
  • Andrew Tuck
  • Benjamin Dow
  • Bernie Gleeson
  • Blaise Taylor
  • Blake Brown
  • Brad Doble
  • Brendan James Rotumah
  • Cassie Caldow
  • Damien Haselden
  • Dane Kevin Irvine
  • David Phillip Jameson
  • Fluer Gwendoline Occhilupo
  • Glen Anthony Jackson
  • Graeme Solway
  • Graham Paul Robbins
  • Harley John Caddy Jesberg
  • Jackson Manuel
  • Jade Glen Arnold
  • Janelle Ann Hall
  • Jarden Gatt
  • Jason Clint Sutton
  • Joanne Rose Simkus
  • Joel Turnage
  • Jonathon Charles Rovere
  • Joseph Andrew Cross
  • Joseph Dominic Lamo
  • Joseph James Blackburn
  • Josh Andrew Walmsley
  • Joshua Owen Mulheron
  • Joshua Reck
  • Justin Hull
  • Kelly Garrat
  • Lucas Hopkins
  • Malcolm Grice
  • Maree Rata Leslie
  • Matthew John Baker
  • Michael John Henricks
  • Naomi White
  • Nash Muir
  • Natalie Joy Cridland
  • Nathan James Windley
  • Neil Edward Norris
  • Paul Andrew Amor
  • Peter Daniel Todd
  • Randall Perrin Laurie
  • Reece Latta
  • Rivers Leen Lunn
  • Samantha Elizabeth Anthony

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