GIANT: Seen in Tim Bonython’s latest movie Endcoded is Hawaii’s Koa Rothman deep inside the Teahupoo monster.
GIANT: Seen in Tim Bonython’s latest movie Endcoded is Hawaii’s Koa Rothman deep inside the Teahupoo monster. Fred Pompemaye

Australian Surf Movie Festival rolls into the Tweed

NOW in its 11th year, the Australian Surf Movie Festival produced by globetrotting travelling cameraman Tim Bonython is touring Australia with up to 30 stops around the Australian coastline, and will be at the Star Room Twin Towns Resort on Thursday.

Tim Bonython's previous film Immersion The Movie won two prestigious awards at the 2013 New York Surf Film Festival last week, for best feature film and best cinematography.

"Each year I am searching for the greatest moments the ocean can offer. When it comes to surfers versus nature and the pure exhilaration of what the ocean can deliver, the Southern Hemisphere has the greatest playground of options on the planet," Tim said.

"This year was again nothing short of wonderful experiences. We call the first half Wild Australia - The Journey. Two of our experiences were with the king, Kelly Slater who had two windows of opportunity to join us.

"The first one was down to Shipsterns in Tasmania, easily the best day ever there in years. Kelly mixed it with Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall and the locals in perfect 15 foot sunny bomb waves."

Bonython invited Kelly to the desert coast with Californian Alex Gray and young up-and-comer Russ Bierke from southern NSW. As Kelly tells us "if the Great Whites don't get you, then the swarms of flies will." Even though they survived the sharks and flies, Kelly and crew found some amazing waves in and around the dust."

Two months later Bonython headed back to that region which he politely named on social media as 'Spot X', with Mark Mathews, Richie Vass and the Gold Coast's fearless big-wave charger Ryan Hipwood. The guys were confronted by more flies, big sharks and perfect slabs.

The main feature film of this year's festival is called Encoded. It is Part 3 of the Blackwater series about Teahupoo. The Teahupoo wave located on the south western side of Tahiti, is no doubt the world's most dangerous wave and when it's on, the best surfers want a piece of it.

"The last big swell at Teahupoo in 2011 was called Code Red (as the maps depicted a lot of red which means huge seas). With each swell event having been labelled a code colour, we decided to call Blackwater 3 "Encoded", as each time Teahupoo creates monster waves it becomes encoded in our minds as something that is beyond normal.

"It's dangerous and always associated with huge barrels that could kill you in moment. Encoded is a documentary of how Teahupoo has evolved since the place became famous with Laird Hamilton's Millennium Wave Code Red, and this year's two amazing swells that arrived back to back, were where the media became the victims as well as the surfers."

The two movies will enthral, entertain and captivate you in every moment that was exclusively captured for your entertainment on the big screen around Australia.

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