NBL hits stars with fines

NBL players Mark Worthington and Cameron Tragardh are the latest sports stars in trouble for Twitter comments after they were fined for criticising referees during a match over the weekend.

Senior Gold Coast Blaze player Worthington was fined $1000, with $500 of that suspended pending any further infraction of the rules between now and the end of the NBL season.

Melbourne Tigers captain Tragardh was handed a suspended $500 fine for his comments.

The NBL found both players guilty of publicly criticising the referees during Sunday night’s Blaze match against the New Zealand Breakers on their Twitter accounts.

Worthington, who is sidelined with injury, was the first of the pair to make a critical tweet during the match.

“Worst refing ever in the first 5 mins. What’s nbl rule for players tweeting during games?” Worthington tweeted.

Tragardh tweeted his frustrations with the officials just over an hour later.

“NBL refs stop calling so many unsportsmanlike fouls on good hard fouls! Please!” Tragardh said.

The NBL believes the ever expanding use in social media amongst their clubs, players and coaches is a valuable way to engage directly and immediately with their fans.

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