New audiologist lends an ear to Tweed

LISTEN: David Boyd and Audiologist Rochelle Fraser from Specsavers are launching a new audiology program
LISTEN: David Boyd and Audiologist Rochelle Fraser from Specsavers are launching a new audiology program Scott Davis

GETTING your hearing checked can be a gruelling process but Specsavers Tweed City is helping their customers find an easier solution.

Opening the second audiology centre in Australia, Specsavers Audiology owner Rochelle Fraser said she was excited to bring this new service to a wide range of customers.

We chat to Rochelle about Specsavers Audiology:

Why has Specsavers Audiology launched in Tweed?

In the UK it's something that Specsavers has done and it's something they've chosen to do here in Australia because they've seen a need for people to have devices that are affordable and the need for people to have their eyes and ears looked after in the same place when they come in.

Why is it so important to get your hearing checked?

One in six Australians experience hearing loss, yet only one in three does anything about it.

At the moment it takes most Australians seven to 10 years to acknowledge they have hearing loss before they do anything to help it - if they do anything at all.

During these years, I have personally seen so many cases where the individual becomes embarrassed at having difficulty joining in on conversations, so they back away from social engagement and start to become isolated.

What can customers expect from Specsavers Audiology?

What would happen is that they would come in to have an eye test and be offered a free hearing screening and 15 minute appointment with me for a hearing check if that screening check revealed any issues.

Customers can also book an appointment directly for a free 15 minuted hearing check.

Fast facts

For more information about Specsavers Audiology, contact:

  • Shop 113, Tweed City Shopping Centre, 54 Minjungbal Dr, Tweed Heads South
  • (07) 5524 8660

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