ONE of Bundaberg biggest sweet tooths had the chance to sink his teeth into the newest sweet to hit town - ice cream sliders.

Now when you think of ice cream sandwiched between two buns you may scrunch up your nose and think "oh no that's not for me".

But after one bite Bundaberg ice cream lover Ben Turnbull was hooked.

The self-confessed foodie said he travelled to Canberra last year seeking the delight of the popular cronut - but it did not compare to the pleasure in his mouth from Cold Rock's ice cream slider.

"When I heard ice cream slider I though you can't be serious," Mr Turnbull said.

"Then I took one bite and thought 'get in my belly'."

Bundaberg's Cold Rock store released the ice cream slider today and can't wait for people to try the "fun in the bun".

Staff member Ally Glover said she was a little sceptical when she first heard the idea, but after sampling the treat was now eager to share it around.

"You start off by picking out one of our ice cream flavours and then add a mix-in," Miss Glover said.

"We heat up the bun so it's perfect for winter.

"It's really not that filling so a great little all round treat."

As Miss Glover prepared the ice cream, the bun warmed and when it emerged you could see the glazed top of the brioche was sticky and sweet.

Mr Turnbull took a mouthful and you could see his eyes twinkle as if it was 30 years earlier and he was a kid in candy shop.

He said he would definitely bring his children in to try the winter treat.

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