Reveal the real you in 2013 with a career change.
Reveal the real you in 2013 with a career change. Nastco

Feeling super about the new year? How about a new job?

DID your new year resolution involve a change of career? If it did, and you're already making inroads on seeing it through, congratulations.

If you're still trying to get that plan in motion, don't worry, there's a long way to go before you need to strike that resolution off as unfulfilled.

Taking a bit more time around a decision as large as a career change can only be a good thing.

You don't want to rush into it, make a snap decision, and in six months' time realise it was the wrong choice. Think it through, weigh up the options, do your research and then make an informed decision.

Professional resume writer and HR expert Amanda McCarthy said taking the time to research your desired role can save you from nasty surprises when you start your job hunt.

It's sage advice for any jobseeker, career-changers or otherwise.

"You need to do some research to find out what the career prospects are like in the new field," she said.

"Visit sites like to get the latest information on industry trends and skills shortages.

"Alternatively you can talk to recruitment agencies that specialise in the area to get the latest industry information."

She said there were usually other options outside of a career change that could provide the same personal satisfaction.

"Think about the possibility of pursuing your passion outside of work as a hobby," Ms McCarthy said.

"For example, you may be interested in a career in the share market. This may be fulfilled through managing a share portfolio at home."

A change in career will have impacts outside of work. Ms McCarthy said impacts on the hip pocket and personal life also had to be given due consideration.

"If you are considering a career change you need to weigh up how it will affect your financial circumstances and whether it is the right time to make the transition.

"Find out what the entry level salary will be for the new job field, how long it will take for you to move up the ladder and whether this is a worthwhile option.

"Take into account how the career change will impact on your personal life."

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