NiE iPad Giveaway

Such is the power of today's technologies such as the tablet and mobile space that the latest educational apps and tools can be used to equip students with skills and offer a more engaging way to learn.

APN Australian Regional Media (APN ARM)  is helping bring new technology into schools by putting a set of 10 iPads up for grabs for each daily newspaper (10 markets = 100 iPads),  as part of a five-week competition aimed specifically at local schools.

From Saturday, February 22 to Monday, March 31 schools across each of APN's Queensland regions have the chance to be in the running to win a set of 10 iPads by collecting the giveaway tokens and submitting them by the competition closing date.

A token will be published in the local APN newspaper every day from February 22 to March 31 and the school with the most tokens at the end of the five-week promotion wins a set of 10 iPads.

All schools stand an equal chance of winning as entries will be pro-rata across the number of enrolled students to determine the winner.

To find out more about the competition rules go to the iPad giveaway on this website and make sure your school is registered.  Download the promotional flyer and get the school community involved.

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