No charge for storm clean-up

Ken Rogers clearing out a tree which fell in his backyard during the wild Tweed storms.
Ken Rogers clearing out a tree which fell in his backyard during the wild Tweed storms.

IT took Ken Rogers four trips to get rid of a tree that fell in his backyard during last week's wild winds, and all it cost him was his clothes line.

The metal Hills hoist clothes line in the Kingscliff man's backyard was bent in half by the force of the falling tree on Thursday night.

After spending all Friday chopping up the five-metre tree with a chainsaw, Mr Rogers took advantage of free green waste dumping being offered by Tweed Shire Council and hauled four ute loads of debris to the Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre on Saturday.

“We're pretty lucky; if the tree had fallen the other way it would have hit the house,” said Mr Rogers, who has lived on the hill at Kingscliff for 20 years.

“My neighbours next door also had a tree fall down, as did the neighbours behind us, but none of us had a lot of damage.

“It only took a few min- utes for the wind to knock the tree down, but it took me all weekend to chop it up and take it to the tip.

“I've put up a new clothes line.”

Mr Rogers said the howling winds started on Wednesday night and are some of the worst he had experi- enced in the area.

“It's probably the worst storm that we have had since the hail storm ripped through here in the 90s,” he said.

“The hail broke five of our windows and brought down some trees, so we are lucky this storm wasn't that bad.”

Residents are encouraged to dump green waste and debris from the wild weather at the tip before Wednesday.

“Residents should make sure that they take their green waste to the collection facility before Wednesday or on Saturday, as there will be no kerbside green waste collection,” a Council spokeswoman said.

The Council's Resource Recovery Centre is located at Stotts Creek off the Tweed Valley.

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