'No intention' to cut man's toes off: court told

A MAN told the Tweed Heads Local Court yesterday he had no intention of carrying out threats to cut another man's toes off with an axe.

Martin Paul Stevens told the court his threats were an over-reaction after Mark MacDonald kicked over a sign outside a Minjungbal Drive florist at 3.50pm on June 26.

“There was no intent, that is all I have to say,” Stevens said, after pleading guilty to possessing an offensive weapon.

He was fined $500, plus $76 court costs.

According to police facts tendered to court, Stevens was out the back of the shop when MacDonald kicked the sign. He called out for the man to stop, but MacDonald abused him and threw a beer bottle. Police say MacDonald also threatened to stab Stevens with a broken bottle.

Stevens went to his car, pulled out an axe and followed MacDonald to a nearby newsagency, stood outside, threatening to cut off his toes. Stevens put down the axe and continued his threats inside the newsagency.

He then walked out, picked up the axe and went back to the florist.

Police received calls from a number of alarmed bystanders and found Stevens at the florist, and he made full admissions.

The court heard Stevens' wife worked at the florist and he was con- sidering buying the business.

MacDonald was charged with mali- cious damage for kicking the sign.

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