Inspiration at Anaconda event

LAST Sunday my family went up to Currumbin to support my mum who was doing the “mountain bike leg” for her team in the Anaconda Adventure Race.

The whole race is 1.9km swim, 13km ski paddle, 12km run, 18km ride and a team 1.9km run to the finish line. So it's very long.

It took my mum's team six hours six minutes to finish the race, but my mum had a stack halfway on the ride and had to stop 'cause she thought that her handlebars were stuffed up - but they were only backwards; nice one mum!

As a support crew member, my job was to make sure the team had everything - jelly beans, carb shots, food etc, but in the 32-degree heat, mostly water!

There were plenty of super fit people there and I caught up with young ironman Jackson Cosgrove (pictured left) from Currumbin SLSC, who was doing the ski paddle leg for his Anaconda team.

Jackson is only 15 years old and was doing the ski paddle as training for the Coolangatta Gold race.

I asked him - How many training sessions a week do you do?

“I train twice a day, six days a week. Swim session every morning, then a run, board or paddle session.”

How do you stay awake at school with all that training?: “You get used to it. I go to bed pretty early.”

How do you prepare for the races?: I try not to think about it too much so I don't get nervous, but I think more about the race plan.”

What do you enjoy about the racing?: “I like the fitness, being with the team and the competitiveness of the race, rather than just training.”

Wow - 12 training sessions a week! How does he fit everything in on training days?

Well, I wish you good luck for your Coolangatta Gold Jackson.

Our family got so inspired at the race last Sunday, all those amazing athletes, and the people that did the whole race on their own.

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