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Blooming beautiful Bougainvillea

WELCOME to our wonderful Spring season, all we need to make it a fantastic spring is some lovely rain.

Maybe a couple of inches in the next week would be just fine, followed by some more showers over the next few weeks, if we are really lucky.

Bracteantha or 'paper daisy' is a widespread and variable group.

They like well-drained, humus-rich soil and a sunny position for best results.

Bracteantha flower from spring right through until autumn.

Flowers of bracteantha may be picked for fresh flowers or for drying. They are available in white and buttercup yellow.

Fuchsias are one of the most exciting plants to grow.

The best way to grow them successfully is to decide on the most suitable place to plant them.

With their bounty of colourful blooms, and flowers drooping down from branches, shooting in all directions, fuchsias look amazing in hanging baskets.

Making this is an excellent way to display your fuchsia.

Kangaroo paws: The colour and form of kangaroo paws makes them one of the most rewarding Australian native plants for the home garden.

Kangaroo paws are also very good cut flowers, and they are exported to many parts of the globe

Everyone loves marguerite daisies. They have a simple beauty which makes them favourites with young and old.

Pick a bunch of mixed marguerite flowers and pop them in a simple vase and you'll have a table arrangement that is likely to be more of a talking point with guests than some expensive cut flowers from the best florist.

Marguerites are so easy to grow - pop them into virtually any well-drained soil in a sunny spot and they take off.

They're uncomplicated plants - no tricks to their culture. In new gardens, marguerite daisies are great for quick effect, filling the gaps among establishing shrubs or making a remarkable hedge.

In well-established gardens, marguerites are superb for mingling with perennials, roses and annuals.

One of the most exciting flowering plants available is the magnificent bougainvillea, which is now available in a lovely new compact dwarf variety called Bambino Bougainvillea.

They suit all landscaping needs in home gardens and commercial plantings.

Once established, Bambinos flower well in drought and need little extra watering.

Bambinos are hardy in sunny gardens with brilliant massed floral displays for many months of the year. You can train to shape in pots and gardens - use in your garden rooms.

They are compact, shorter growers with fewer thorns than older varieties. Bambinos - there is one for every need.


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