NSW police flooded with calls of potential child predators

DAILY alerts about potential child predators lurking around NSW neighbourhoods are being issued from the state's police headquarters.

In the past two weeks police reporting hotlines appear to have been flooded with calls from concerned parents from all regions warning their young children have been inappropriately approached or touched by strangers.

Most recently reports have come out of Sydney's west and Northern NSW.

On the weekend, two girls, aged 7 and 8, were riding their bikes along an alley way at Minchinbury, near Mt Druitt, when they saw a man standing at the other end.

The girls told police that when they turned their bikes around, the man started to run after them but he fell over and they were able to get away.

Late last week, two school boys, aged 8 and 9, were approached by a man after they got off their bus at Wauchope, near Port Macquarie.

The elderly man beckoned the boys to get into a dark four-wheel-drive and the boys ran home.

On the Central Coast, an 11-year-old Woy Woy girl hid in a front yard after noticing a red ute following her.

When she thought it was clear, the ute appeared again.

She ran to a nearby house and alerted police.

In the neighbouring suburb of Erina, another 11-year-old girl told police a man had "poked" her on the arm with his finger before grabbing the other arm.

She wriggled free and called for help.

The spate of attempts prompted police to send out a list of tips for children to over with their children.



  • Make sure your parents or another adult you know knows where you are at all times.
  • Always walk straight home or to the place you are walking to. Walk near busier roads and streets, or use paths where there are lots of other people.
  • Know where safe places are - a shop, service station, police station, library or school. If you are ever frightened, you should go to one of these places and ask them to call the police.
  • Learn about safe adults you can look for and talk to if you need help - police officers, teachers at school, adults you know and trust.
  • Don't talk to people you don't know and never get into a car with someone you don't know. If a car stops on the side of the road and you don't know the person inside, do not stop.
  • If you are scared and can use a phone, call 000 and tell them you are scared
  • If someone tries to grab you, yell out, 'Go away, I don't know you'. This lets other people know you have been approached by someone you don't know.

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