Ella Rose Corby has attracted international media attention by posing nude for a magazine cover.
Ella Rose Corby has attracted international media attention by posing nude for a magazine cover.

Ella Corby nude story goes global

THE controversy over Stab magazine’s nude cover shoot of Kingscliff 16-year-old Ella Rose Corby went global after being exposed by the Tweed Daily News on Thursday.

The story was quickly picked up by Britain’s Daily Mail and it was the second-most-read story on the site yesterday.

Even a Polish news website ran the story, along with a number of Australia’s largest news providers.

The Corby family went to ground in the aftermath of the report.

According to Cathy Ward, from Chic Management, which is representing Miss Corby, a number of requests for interviews had been turned down by the family over the past two days.

“At the moment they are quite overwhelmed with all the attention,” Ms Ward said.

She predicted Miss Corby had a bright future in modelling, which would not be affected either way by the current controversy.

“Ella has great potential, we are really excited to be representing her in the future,” Ms Ward said.

Ms Ward admitted the family were upset by the photos and that Miss Corby had been bullied by her peers due to the shoot.

Meanwhile, Stab responded to the incident on its website, calling the Tweed Daily News a “formidable tabloid”.

“Tweed Heads is a town of 51,000 people on the border of Queensland. It is a popular final destination for the aged, the poor and the addicted,” editor Derek Reilly wrote.

“Ella was chosen to appear on the cover because of her preternatural beauty.

“Because of a smile that illuminates a gloomy day. For cheekbones that float above the earth.

“This morning, the conservative stronghold was ablaze with fury at the cover (and innards) of the latest issue of Stab ... for, what?

“Photographing a young woman with the permission of her parents? For capturing a moment in her life when she is flawless?”

More than 2000 people voted in a poll on the Tweed Daily News website asking: “is 16 too young to pose nude for a magazine”?

The majority of people, 46 per cent, said Miss Corby was old enough, 42 per cent said she was too young and 12 per cent said “it depends”.

Your say...

Comments posted on our website include:

• colnna, Tweed Heads West: Why are these so called “artists” aloud (sic) to get away with stuff like this.I bet if you or I took photos of a 16-year-old CHILD we would end up in jail quick smart.

• ceebails, Queensland: What a load of absolute tosh ... so if a mature looking lovely young lady catches your eye and she is 18 it’s okay to perve, if she is not 18 then look away. What if you do not know - just keep one eye open? Absolute drivel ...

• toddkarabel, Duranbah: Shes not nude

• violet, Adelaide: the only ’edgy’ thing is the model’s age - nothing new or original in the lay-out - a US magazine did exactly the same thing with Bar Raefil (?? Israeli supermodel, used to date Leonardo di Caprio) earlier this year. Maybe Esquire?

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