Old habits and some new tunes

CARUS Thompson has made the album he always wanted to make and now he would like the rest of us to hear it.

The independent roots musician has paid his dues over a decade of touring, recording and now he seems genuinely happy in his own skin and knows who he is.

And on March 19, after sell-out tours through Germany and critically acclaimed gigs in the UK, he arrives at the Sound Lounge at Currumbin RSL so the rest of us can get a feel for the album that is Creature Of Habit and his ever expanding back catalogue.

Creature of Habit evokes not the John Butlers and Ash Grunwalds that you would expect from a roots artist but puts the affable Carus in that story-teller genre. It finds him rubbing shoulders with Paul Kelly, Richard Clapton, Gangajang and Graeme Connors.

It is an album with strength and intensity and emotion - sometimes the planets align for an artist and maybe this is finally Carus Thompson's time.

“It's quite exciting - the record is out in Europe and the UK,” he said.

Touring through Germany, his second biggest market, has kept him busy.

“The German stuff was amazing - it's quite funny I've been going there for five years. I have an agent and a manager over there.”

A few support gigs through the country and then back to play small towns and venues has helped him build a steady following. This tour he stepped up even more, playing bigger cities, bigger venues.

Carus Thompson has arrived in Germany - the same way he has in the UK and his native Australia - through hard work.

“Just gigging and building it up,” he said explaining how a boy from Fremantle becomes a well-known musical performer in Germany.

Now in the words of the first single off Creatures Of Habit- he's “On My Way”.

Fresh off the plane from the UK, Carus will be joined with Greg Arnold on piano, ukulele, mandolin and glockenspiel while Andrew Darling will be along for the ride with his trumpet.“It's an eight day national tour to launch the album, intimate gigs,” he said.

“We will play a lot of old stuff too - that's the thing about having a new record, you have 10 new songs and you still have 60 more songs (a back catalogue) to choose from.”

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