Organisers of the Murwillimbah ute and Push Bike Show Liz Chauvier and Cav.
Organisers of the Murwillimbah ute and Push Bike Show Liz Chauvier and Cav. Crystal Spencer/Tweed Daily News

On your bike!

THE state's only push bike show will be at Murwillumbah on November 7 as part of the 129th Murwillumbah Show.

In an effort to try and make the old-time show more environmentally friendly push bikes will be an added extra to the Ute Muster.

“The day will celebrate utes and sustainable transport as well as raise funds to maintain the 129-year tradition of the Murwillumbah Show Grounds,” the event's organiser Cav said.

“The show will be carbon neutral with a donation to Greening Australia to offset the day's events.”

Cav said they were expecting a large range of both utes and push bikes to enter.

“We need all kinds of utes, work, four-by-fours, town and country, street and feral and electric utes.”

Show society secretary Liz Chauvier said they also want regular bicycle riders to take part.

“We want to get people that use their bikes all the time,” she said.

“People who are into sustainability and keep their car off the road as much as possible.

“Ours won't be a real rev-head one, it's more a family event.”

Mrs Chauvier said she hopes people will come away thinking of cycling as a viable alternative to driving.

“The event is all about sustainability and being carbon-friendly.

“There will be a prize for most sustainable ute.”

However, Mrs Chauvier said, the push bike section is also an area kids can enter for fun.

“Kids can dress-up their bikes as much as they wish.

“It's up to their imagination. Whatever they want to do.”

There will also be a bike parade.

The push bikes were added, Cav said, to set them apart from the approaching Repco Rally.

“There are only two other push bike shows in Australia and we're the only one I know of in New South Wales.”

Cav will be showing his Nissan Patrol Crew Cab at the event, which is in the Queensland Ute Muster Finals, as well as his push bike he used to ride 5km a day on to work.

“If you want an extreme sport ride a bike in Brisbane,” he laughed.

Mrs Chauvier said they are now calling for sponsors.

“If anyone in town would like to get behind it by being a sponsor they can call the show society.

“We're hoping, like last year, to have a free gate.

“The Murwillumbah Show is the only show in New South Wales that has a free gate.”

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