Lateline host Emma Alberici, right, interviews Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesperson Wassim Doureihi.
Lateline host Emma Alberici, right, interviews Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesperson Wassim Doureihi.

OPINION: As Australians, we must fight the enemies within

THERE are forces at work in this country attempting to dismantle our way of life.

This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole, it is fact.

We see snippets of them on the news, on television and maybe on the street.

It lives beneath the surface - subversive and despicable.

Australians are tolerant but we know when something is wrong.

We watch in horror at what is unfolding in our capital cities - in Melbourne and Sydney - and that we are immune to their schemes because we live elsewhere.

To go on thinking that is not just naïve, it's dangerous.

In almost every town, these people exist in pockets, wanting to do harm.

They want to undo everything Australians have spent centuries building.

They want to take us to a different time, a more barbaric time.

They must be exposed to the light for what they are. They are a cancer to be rooted out.

It's time to rid Australia of this vermin. We must give no inch to the racist, the prejudiced and the bigots.

Their ancestors may have come here generations ago, but that should not mean they are assured a place in our society.

Rather than contribute to our country, they want only for fear and destruction.

The world has come to us, helping us to develop compete and thrive.

Meanwhile these small-minded fools try to stand firmly against a tide of fairness and honour.

But their footholds are eroding.

Whether a moron teenager picking on an innocent riding a bus or a "hate preacher" who refuses to condemn the work of bloodthirsty war-mongers - the time has come for action.

Hundreds of asylum seekers are holed up in prison-camps on distant shores, desperate to make a new life for themselves under our flag.

Let them come here.

In their place, put those who would spew hate, fear and contempt for what our Australians have fought and died for more than 200 years.

I don't care where they came from, but send them back.

Australia is a nation of free speech, freedom of religion and a 'fair go'.

If you want to tear apart our values, then you are not welcome here.

If there is some looming threat for us to stand against, it is the words of these loud-mouthed cowards who pick on others for their looks, beliefs or race.

As Australians we have embraced the world.

Those who want to close their eyes to all the colour and variety of those who make up this country should not expect to be treated with the same tolerance they refuse to give others.

Their thinking is no different to those animals spilling innocent blood under a black flag in the Middle East.

Perhaps they want to wage your own religious or race war here in Australia.

Give it a go, mate. Australians will fight you at every step.

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