Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. FILE PHOTO
Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. FILE PHOTO JEWEL SAMAD

OPINION: 'Bali Nine ringleaders deserve to die'

YOU would do well to steer clear of watching any breakfast television given the lather we have worked ourselves up over the execution of two drug smugglers.

Opinion is split whether Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran deserve to die.

They knew the law and the consequences that came with breaking those laws.

But they decided to carry out their crime with a blatant disregard of those laws none-the-less and they got caught.

What if they managed to get their eight odd kilos of smack into Australia?

Would we have cared as much as for the thousands of families their drugs would have ruined?

I am guessing not.


There are many Australians banged up in jails across the world but we do not hear much about them.

Granted, the majority are not facing being hauled out in the middle of the night, lined up and shot dead for their crimes.

But at the end of the day that is the law in Indonesia and it has every right to carry out punishment as it sees fit.

Sure the Indonesia judicial system may be a little corrupt, but that is according to the western media who tells us it is.

Sure the drug smugglers may have been rehabilitated, but most people would be able to pick up a paint brush or find God if their lives depended on it.

Sure after spending the best part of a decade banged up in an Indonesian jail they have learnt their lesson.

But irrespective of all that . . . they are still two drug traffickers.

Ultimately we are only up in arms about their looming execution because they are Australian - let's be honest with ourselves.

We have been worked up into a frenzy about their plight by the bleeding heart brigade which claims Indonesia is the devil and how dare our northern neighbour execute one of us.

Wrong again . . . they are convicted drug smugglers who knew the consequences of their actions.

What's your reaction to the execution?

This poll ended on 06 May 2015.

Current Results

I'm outraged and completely oppose the death penalty.


These guys were reformed, they shouldn't have been killed.


They knew the risks and must deal with the consequences.


Heroin kills. I have no sympathy for them.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


Would the bleeding heart brigade be so sympathetic if one of the eight kilos of smack destined for our shores killed one of their loved ones?

Ultimately after the two men will be executed, some of us will cry out blue murder but the media circus and focus will be over with before this Friday's Anzac Day Test Match.

I find it ironic the Australian media is now championing Chan and Sukumaran's plight at the eleventh hour after we've barely heard a peep since their sentence was handed down in 2008.

Maybe it has been done in a bid to clear the media's own conscience.

Sure the Australian Government will recall its ambassador, but at the end of the day I doubt whether some battler in Sydney's mortgage belt really cares whether some bloke earning a couple of hundred thousand a year is recalled.

What they will care about is the response the Australian Government takes in the days after the execution.

Because we all know our actions have consequences - Chan and Sukumaran will no doubt attest to this.

Let's see what our two political leaders are actually made of?

My bet is not much ... the media will feed us the same old lip service and five-second grabs so we can feel easier in getting on with our lives.

The interesting thing moving forward will be to see if Australia really has a person who is capable of standing up and showing true leadership.

But on the flipside, if you cut all funding to Indonesia as is being mooted, the bleeding heart brigade will have something else to latch on to, and so begins the new cycle.

* Adam is an ARM Newsdesk reporter with strong opinions on this issue.



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