OPINION: No silent majority when it comes to watching TV

OFTEN when people sidle up to me and begin an unsolicited conversation it goes something like this:

"I read your comment piece in the paper the other day...."

What follows is usually one of three things: they loved it, they hated it or they have something they wanted to tell me.

It usually takes me a while to adjust to exactly what opinion piece they are referring to.

And sometimes I can't even remember what I've written, not because I don't hold to that particular opinion, more like I am getting old and find my memory is not as quick to recall as it used to be.

It's why I like a show on television at the moment called Goggle Box.

It's a show about people watching TV and providing the typical running commentary that I think goes on in most households.

Seems silly and trivial to me making a TV program about watching TV programs, but it's fascinating to watch.

For me, watching TV is like group therapy. I talk to the characters on screen, I have conversations with the fellow viewers around me and I gesticulate at crucial moments.

I love a civil argument and I like people to disagree with me for no other reason than it keeps the conversation going a little longer and I might learn something.

Growing up, there were always stories about how children were spending too much time in front of the television. Now it's how much time they spend on their computer, phones and tablets.

I think these small screens are even less social and interactive than TV and I weep for our future.

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