OPINION: 'Tis the season for giving but put away the lollies

DEAR kindly shop attendants who keep giving my son lollies:

I understand it is the season for giving. And I know you are only trying to do something nice. But please don't.

Twice recently we have been in a shop and without asking me, the attendant has handed my son a lollipop.

Of course his eyes lit up and he took it gleefully, meanwhile I'm trying to hide my scowl because we don't eat a lot of sugar, specially not lollipops and he doesn't need it.

But what do you say? Do you jump in and say: "No thanks" only to disappoint the attendant and my son?

Although if I'm honest, I'm not too concerned about offending either of them.

But doing that just feels rude. Feels like I'm quashing the Christmas spirit. Being a here's-a-free-lollipop-Merry-Christmas-little-boy-grinch.

So here's how we could make this work: how about catching my eye and asking me first if he can have one?

Or better yet - how about putting the lollies away. Why not give out pencils or something? I know my son would love a pencil, if there were no lollipops in sight.

What do you think? Am I being ungrateful? What would you do in this situation?

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