DORIS "Dodo" Hall took her first ride on a plane last year at the age of 99 when she and daughter Sylvia decided to take a trip to Bangkok.

Dodo was a woman in demand on the Thai Airways flight with all the staff wanting to meet her.

"I had a great time in the plane and the flight crew made a real fuss over me," Dodo said.

"I got a bottle of champagne and every single stewardess and steward on the flight queued up to meet me."

"All our other family was on a cruise ship and we said 'Why don't we do something', so we went to Bangkok."

Now at 101 years, the Tweed Heads South resident has plenty more destinations to tick off her list.

Born in London, she came to Australia in 1951 with her family after her husband Les told how wonderful it was.

"Les loved Australia, even in the Depression, so we thought imagine it out of the Depression so we moved to Manly and lived on the ocean."

Back then the majority of travel was still done by ship and Dodo did the long haul from Australia to Britain several times back in those days.

The trip to Bangkok may have sparked the travel bug in her - she said she would love to get back on the water but has no desire to leave the country again.

"Why would we go away from here? It is just so lovely.

"I would love to see the Great Barrier Reef, so we might take one of those lovely cruises from Brisbane up to Cairns and back."

When asked what has kept her mum so healthy over a century, daughter Sylvia Adams, who is turning 80 and does not look a day over 65, says her mum is a real people person.

"Mum loves to be with younger people, she has said to me on occasion 'Don't leave me with a bunch of old fogeys'," laughed Sylvia.

"She will never stay indoors long, always getting out and socialising."

Sylvia said at one stage she had become a little uneasy on the flight to Bangkok when the plane experienced turbulence, but Dodo had loved the excitement.

"I turned to Mum and said I didn't like it but she just said she thought it was fun."

A regular at South Tweed Sports Club for the past 22 years, Dodo says diet and everything in moderation is the key to living a long healthy life.

"I have never drunk much alcohol, never smoked, never dieted but have been moderate with everything I do and always ate a normal, healthy, balanced diet," Dodo said.

As a young woman she and first husband Les used to be competitive dancers, something she still enjoys despite having a hip replacement in her 90s.

"I truly thought my dancing days were over, but I've surprised even myself.

"I've been dancing since I was five years old and I love it too much - I could never give it up."

Dodo remembers spending plenty of time outside with family but said dancing was her one true hobby.

"I don't have any other vices besides dancing."

"Ballroom dancing was always my main hobby but the family used to go searching for sapphires at Glen Innes."

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