Dear Editor: Carols, GM salary and no love for Labor

HERE'S a batch of our latest letters to the editor from Saturday's print edition of the Daily News.

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Just wanted a nice sing-along

THIS was my third time attending the Coolangatta Christmas carols and again another disappointment. What happened to traditional sing-a-long Christmas carols? My children wanted to sing and join in. Nothing there for us. The quartet sang some Christmas songs, but we couldn't hear them and the other acts were a waste of time. I can go to a blues festival to see blues. I wanted Christmas carols. Won't take the family next year, we will go somewhere else...

Les Harris

Tweed Heads


Blame it on Labor Government

SEEMS the leftist leaning Tweed Daily News has found support in Jim Banks. I however would appreciate space to answer his rants.

Jim's blindness needs correction in the following facts. Firstly Australia's debt was created under the leadership of Rudd and Gillard, not as Jim would have you believe under an Abbott-led government. Labor has never created a surplus while in government even after their five hundred promises to do so.

The Indonesia spying drama occurred under the government of Rudd. Abbott to his credit refused to capitulate to the leftist Labor demands for an apology, there is nothing to apologise for as every country participates in spying.

Instead he is negotiating with the Indonesian Government, giving them leverage to save face, while developing greater understanding between the two nations.

As for the Holden closure no tax payer should be forced to contribute to the success of private enterprise over such a long period and at such a high cost as has occurred with Holden.

Also we must remember two other car manufacturers abandoned Australia under Labor.

As the certainty of Labor's demise at the elections appeared, Labor created more and more under-funded and scatter-brained policies, school funding etc, to shore-up their unpopularity.

The Abbott Government now has to rectify these policies and make them sustainable financially and workable under attack from an unrepentant and negative opposition whose leader won't even assist in the passing of Abbott's carbon tax legislation, the signature legislation the Abbott Government took to the last election.

Yet we have those "who will not try to see" attacking a reforming and financially responsible government of only one hundred days into government. Labor left the mess Australia is in and has no intentions of helping rectify the problems.

M J McFie

Hastings Point


Downing tools to say thanks

ON behalf of all the members at the Tweed Heads Community Men's Shed I would like to thank all the staff at the Daily News for their ongoing support.

The shed is what Tweed Heads has needed for some time, we have achieved many goals this year and the stories you have reported have made the public more aware of what we do.

Like all non-profit organisations we work hard to raise funds and the projects we have done for the community this year have been great for the guys.

We've even had schools from Broadbeach visit us for projects they've needed done.

The mateship between the guys is great which all leads to better health and well being and a need to feel useful again.

I personally have seen the change in these guys throughout the year and that has made me proud to be a member of the Tweed Heads Community Men's Shed. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

Martin Kinross


Tweed Heads Community Men's Shed


GM was paid too much for job done

AS boring as it has now become, David Keenan's sacking only has one real lasting impact for the Tweed Shire, it is going to cost the Tweed Ratepayers more. Of cause he won't find a job in the Tweed paying at least $208,000 per year.

Local councils functioned quite efficiently for years without the need of a general manager, especially one on such a huge wage compared to councillors and other council staff. I realise with new legislation and growth, it is a more complex role now, but there is already competent staff in the council who can perform most of those duties. Modern technology and networks also make it easy to find answers that are required if needed quickly.

The answer is to have councillors elected who know Local Government Legislation or are trained in it, or better yet, give local Tweed graduates on the job training combined with access to University study in Local Government Studies.

This supports Tweed residents, keeps wages in sync with all council duties and ensures that all of council is actually working for the best interests of their home shire in unison.

Local council general managers are of the same disease as federal politicians getting 18% super compared to Aussie workers getting only 9% and being able to fly around the world and have other luxuries at the expense of the Australian public.

Happy new year to all Tweed Shire residents, may 2014 be a great year for you all and may commonsense become more common.

David Burdon

Tweed Heads

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