Out of control Cabarita party: Cops pelted with rocks

Update, 2.36pm:  DESPITE dodging rocks from out-of-control revellers Tweed Police achieved significant results during Operation Unite on the weekend.

Officers were kept busy on the beat, with a variety of offences detected.

One person was assaulted and out of 12 searches three people were found to be possessing illegal drugs.

Over the two days 580 RBTs were conducted, resulting in eight drink driving charges.

Out of 32 licensed premises inspected one person was charged with fail to quit.


Initial Report, 11.23am: TWEED Police officers were pelted with rocks while trying to break up an out-of-control party on Saturday night.

Just before midnight police were called to Cabarita to disperse an unauthorised gathering of 200 people ranging in age from 14 to 20.

On arrival officers noted empty alcohol bottles, beer cans and rubbish littered the sand and beach path area.A rock was then thrown by an unknown person, smashing the windscreen of a caged police truck.

Other youths joined in, throwing rocks at other police vehicles, including a passing police patrol car.

Officers held their ground as party-goers eventually moved on, with no injuries reported by NSW Police.

In total, 540 people were arrested in NSW during this year's Operation Unite Australia wide blitz, with 1062 charges laid.

There were 40,373 random breath tests conducted and 268 people booked for drink-driving.

There were 548 arrests and 966 charges during the same crackdown last year.

Full statistics for the Tweed are expected later today.

Queensland Police statistics were regional and did not focus on specific locations.

For the south-east region, from Coolangatta to Logan, there was a total of 54 arrests, including two assaults and 12 drink driving offences.

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