Overseas holidays rising

TWEED residents are part of a trend that is seeing more and more Australians choose an overseas holiday instead of domestic options.

A travel website revealed earlier this week that bookings for some overseas destinations had increased by 57 per cent in the past year.

Tweed Cruise and Travel owner Vivian Iriarte confirmed she had noticed an increase in people taking overseas holidays.

“We are getting an influx of interest from people starting to get their confidence back from the whole economic crisis,” she said.

“The boost in the Australian dollar against the greenback is definitely a plus, and airfares are coming down in price as well.”

One recently returned happy international traveller is Tugun's Janice Watson.

She made her way around the Mediterranean and Italian Riviera on a cruise ship.

“I have done quite a bit of travel and just started again. I like cruising in the Mediterranean, you are in a different port every day and you can go to different countries without having to pack and unpack your bags,” Mrs Watson said.

“It is a cultural experience to go to so many different places and see the many beautiful things to see.”

“The experience makes you more tolerant of other people in our own country, and does make you realise sometimes we are not as helpful as we could be to people who visit here.”

“To see different things for yourself really puts everything into perspective.”

Mrs Watson said the increased value of the Australian dollar did make it easier to travel, although the Euro was still more expensive.

She said she wanted to travel overseas while still active, then go around Australia in her later years.

Ms Iriarte said the key to a good trip was paying for as much as possible in advance, then heading off overseas with spending money.

“You are getting more for your dollar when you go shopping.”

She said international travel was actually good for the Tweed economy, as most people bought all their travel accessories at home before they left.

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