Stewart Scott and his wife Anastasia celebrating their big poker win.
Stewart Scott and his wife Anastasia celebrating their big poker win.

Tweed poker player wins $2m

STEWART Scott is the Tweed's latest multi-millionaire, but the young dad who won $2 million winning a national poker tournament does not want to trade his old life for a new one.

“I'm happy with my eight-year-old car, my perfect house, my little boat and four-wheel drive, my beautiful daughter and gorgeous wife. I love my life and wouldn't change it even though I won all of this money,” Mr Stewart said yesterday.

“If a genie was to grant me three wishes, I would tell him I don't need them - I have everything I want.”

The Tweed Heads man is still coming to terms with winning the Aussie Millions Poker Championship at Crown Casino in Melbourne in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The former chef played for more than 14 hours in the final round and amassed more than $14 million in poker chips to win the final hand with the ultimate combination - two aces.

“That's the ultimate hand; it was meant to be,” Mr Scott said.

“The other final player had an ace and a jack and he thought he had it, but I came up with the gold.”

By defeating 681 other contenders, including professional players and celebrities Shane Warne and Mark Philippoussis, the amateur poker lover also won a 24-carat, diamond-encrusted champion's bracelet worth $25,000 and will now have the chance to play some of the world's richest tournaments.

“I still don't know what his will mean for me and the family,” an exhausted Mr Scott said.

“I'm still coming to terms with it all, and I think that will take me a couple of weeks.

“We might pay off the house, or look into buying an investment property. I think my body knows that I have won because I'm so tired, but it still hasn't sunk into my mind yet.”

After a hectic five days of competition, with his wife and baby staying in another hotel room on the final night so Mr Stewart could keep his focus, Mrs Stewart said she always knew her husband was a winner, but was still digesting what their new wealth would mean.

“At breakfast this morning we were talking about paying bills, the normal stuff, when Stewart reached over and gave me a high five at the time I was thinking of giving him one; it's just overwhelming.”

After winning an all-expenses paid trip to Los Vegas in 2006 and competing “badly” in a similar tournament, Mr Scott put in a few years of research and lots of practice playing friends and on-line before putting up $10,500 of his own money to compete in the Aussie Milllions.

The 36-year-old former chef and information technology expert who moved to the Tweed from Adelaide with his wife Anastasia one year ago and now has a six-month-old daughter Siana, said he knew the money wouldn't be wasted.

“I know this sounds funny, but I just knew that I would win it; it had been my dream for a long time.

“Some of my friends even said they had dreams about it. It was fate.

“All I have wanted for about the last five years is to play poker, so now I should hopefully be able to play around the world and take my family with me.”

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