Dr Phil Allen, Palmer United Party's candidate for Richmond.
Dr Phil Allen, Palmer United Party's candidate for Richmond. John Gass

Palmer United Party candidate says nothing has changed

THE Palmer United Party candidate for Richmond, Dr Phil Allen has said little has changed despite a change in leadership.

He says the mood in the electorate was still one of despondency.

"When they think about the choice they will have to make in the next couple of months... it will simply be more of the same," Dr Allen said.

"For both the Coalition and Labor are cut from similar cloth. If either returns to government we will have the same self interest, factional in-fighting and disconnected governance which has become the norm for our domestic politics.

"But there is an alternative to all of this. The alternative is a group of people across the country brought together in response to this dysfunctional duopoly.

"The Palmer United Party is a party of real people with real backgrounds and real skills who care deeply about our future. We are not career politicians, lobbyists or ex-union bosses, but ordinary Australians brought together by Clive Palmer a man with a greater vision for our land than either Rudd or Abbott dare imagine.

"Richmond has been neglected by both sides of politics and needs a change.

"It is time that we took the focus off the two major political parties who have so spectacularly failed us over the last decade and looked to the brighter future, a kinder, united Australia and one run by the people for the people."

The Palmer United Party plans to field candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the upcoming election as well as Senate teams in all states and territories. 

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