Parents cash in on toddler's ordeal

THE parents of a toddler whose life was saved by her 10-year-old brother have sold the rights to their story to Today Tonight for a rumoured $10,000.

Maria and Greg Constandinou, of Carool, sold exclusive interviews and images of the children to the Channel Seven program after TV crews from Seven and Nine arrived at their home on Thursday and became embroiled in a bidding stoush.

The couple's children, Zoe, 12, Eva, 9, Kristian, 10, and Phoebe, 3, were swimming in the pool at their Carool Road home about 3.20pm on Wednesday when Phoebe went limp.

Her siblings saw her floating face up in the water and noticed she was turning blue.

Kristian, imitating life-saving techniques he had seen on TV program Triple Zero Heroes, pulled the toddler from the water and began CPR.

She was revived and spent the night in hospital for observation.

The family is set to appear on an episode of Today Tonight, due to got to air on Monday.

Kristian may also be flown to Sydney and appear on the Triple Zero Heroes program.

Mrs Constandinou was at the other end of the property with another daughter Eliza, 15 months, when she heard her children screaming.

“Zoe came running down screaming - she was shrill,” she said. “I knew something was wrong.”

A tenant at the property, Cara Norton, who called the ambulance, said it was disappointing the story had been sold.

“I don't see it about the money, I see it about the kid's life being saved,” Ms Norton said. “It should have been on the news that night. They should be trying to get the awareness out there.”

Investigations are being made into whether pool safety requirements were met.

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