The Sanctum brothel, built by Mr Elliot to compete with his former business partner Daniel Scott’s Stardust Club.
The Sanctum brothel, built by Mr Elliot to compete with his former business partner Daniel Scott’s Stardust Club.

Partners turned rivals

SLAIN Tweed brothel owner Victor Elliot was worth up to $7 million and had changed his will just months before being gunned down by two former soldiers armed with a .22 rifle and an AK-47 rifle.

Sex industry worker and former partner of Mr Elliot, Dellys Cameron, gave evidence yesterday in the murder committal hearing of Daniel Clayton Scott, 34, brothel owner/partner of Mr Elliot, 50, at the time of his brutal slaying in May 2000 outside his nearly completed brothel at Chinderah.

Scott, from Banora Point, was only charged in 2008 with the murder, accused by the Crown of paying two former army officers, Mike Anthony Grupe and Dayal Gary Utz to carry out the killing of the well-known Tweed Hospital chief radiographer, who was setting up a rival brothel after a falling out with Scott.

Scott faces three charges before magistrate Paul Lyons: incite to murder; detaining for advantage and causing injury; and assault with intent to rob while armed with a dangerous weapon.

Grupe is serving 14 years’ jail for his role in the murder and got off a later charge of murdering Utz on the grounds of self-defence. He will give evidence today.

During cross-examination by defence barrister Wayne Flynn, Ms Cameron said that while working in administration for Mr Elliot and Scott (at their Stardust Club brothel) she had caught a woman, Susan, ripping off the business, resulting in takings being down despite the number of customers. Scott inherited that brothel when his father died.

Ms Cameron said she had many years’ experience working in the sex industry, unlike Mr Elliot and Scott, and so investigated the problem herself.

She said both men were not happy when told Susan was becoming quite aggressive “throwing a tantrum”, saying they could not kick her out.

“There are a lot of tantrums that go on in brothels,” Ms Cameron said.

“Lots of girls working there, it’s highly emotional and lots of tantrums.”

Ms Cameron alleged Susan “raved on a bit about some bikie in a gang would take care of me ... just the usual stuff. She made a point her brother was in a bikie gang”.

She said Scott also later wanted her (Cameron) out of the business because he did not get on with her, and agreed that in her original statement to police she had said Scott loathed Mr Elliot.

She said Mr Elliot had expressed concerns about his safety but had not changed his will because of these concerns.

Ms Cameron said the will was changed three or four months before Mr Elliot was killed. He had made known concerns about his safety only weeks before his death.

She was told his estate had been worth up to $7 million, with his daughter the main beneficiary – 95 per cent – while she received five per cent.

“I signed off. I wasn’t interested,” she said.

“I didn’t contest anything in the will.”

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